T-12 Lamp Phase Out



T12 lamps with magnetic ballasts have been the most common choice for lighting in commercial buildings and facility’s for over 50 years. Recent regulations passed stopped production of T12 lamps as of June 14, 2012 and magnetic ballasts as of July 1, 2010 due to energy inefficiencies. The new lamps that are replacing T12’s are T8 and T5 lamps.

At first glance of the smaller size of the newer lamps raises the question of “Will I lose light output?” Of course the answer to that question is no and in some circumstances the lighting output will increase while using around 40 percent less energy than T12 lamps.
Other questions that clients typically asked are below along with the answers:T12-T8

Will I have to purchase a brand new fixture?

No, the newer lamps fit into the same fixture as the older T12 lamps. Converting an 8ft lamp to two 4ft lamps, which is more efficient, will require a retrofit kit due the ends of the 8ft being a single pin and the 4ft being dual pin. The other requirement will be switching from magnetic ballast to electronic ballast. Most T12 4 lamp 4ft fixtures have two magnetic ballasts but the T8 system only requires one electronic ballast.

How long will the new lamps last?

The industry standard on T8 and T5 lamps is 20,000 hours which tends to be very conservative.

Am I breaking the law for still having T12 equipment?

Absolutely NOT, but that should be the least of your fears. The true threats are increasing energy costs and still having inefficient lighting, increasing costs of replacing phased out equipment (supply and demand), locating replacement supplies due to low inventory, missing out on all the incentives and tax deductions, and the most important is you will have to upgrade when the equipment inventory is exhausted.

lgtinstall1aThere will be special circumstances that will allow consumers to use T12 lamps and ballast which include those used in residential settings, exposed to low temperatures, and having dimming capabilities reducing to 50 percent output.

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