Metal Halide Upgrades


gymnasiumEveryone knows about the old lighting fixtures that were typically in your school’s gym and the waiting time to get the full light output. This type of fixture is called a metal halide and although Factory_and_Gymnasium_Lightingtechnology has decreased the time it takes to produce the light it will not come on instantly. The solution to this issue is installing a T5 High Output fixture. This is very ideal for medium-high bay warehouses, manufacturing plants, sports facilities, and retail locations.

When replacing a 400w metal halide you will see energy savings up to 50 percent without the loss of light quality, while gaining the ability to turn on instantly. With the ability to turn on the lights instantly users are able to eliminate the paradisoT51-600x294need to keep the lights running all day to have access to immediate light. Now you can save energy by turning the lights off as well as saving energy while the lights are on. Add a motion sensor and only power on the lights that you need for areas accessed for limited use.

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